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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m pretty new to wordpress and would appreciate some of your opinions.
    I’m creating a site for a school project that will allow readers to search for information about research articles. Basically I want to display:

    Research article excerpt (one or two sentences)
    Author name
    Topic (Microbiology, Endocrinology, etc.)
    Keywords (heart, cancer, etc.)

    I was going to use posts for the excerpt (although I’m open to custom posts if you think those are better for some reason – I don’t plan to use this as a blog). I’m not sure how to organize the remaining information. For eg, do I place the author names as a children of category Author? Should I use taxonomy? Or would custom fields be a better option? Topics as custom fields? Keywords as tags or custom fields? There may be hundreds of authors with multiple papers written by them and several topics. I’ve heard wordpress slows down if you have too many categories so I want to make sure to do this right. I also want to know what is best for SEO. When somebody searches the topic, the keyword or the author, I’d like it to come up so for that reason also I want to put these things in the right place.


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  • This might be worth looking at:

    Thanks for pointing this plugin out to me. I will definitely look into it. It seems to organize content into custom post types (pods), custom fields, taxonomy etc. I would still not know where to place the author, topics and keywords using that plugin. Would they go under custom field, taxonomy, tags, etc.

    Some of this depends on how many of each grouping that you have. If I assume that you have only 5-7 topics, I would use those as the first level categories. Whether or not you need a second level is up to you. For authors and keywords, I would simply use tags.

    Actually, the topics could be upwards of 50 and far more authors. That is one of the reasons I’m having trouble determining organization. I want to be able to list authors with links to their excerpts so I don’t think tags would work in this situation since I need to be able to group all authors together.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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