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  • Just copy and paste the content in the page and paste it in wordpress. I guess you could also write something to do it.. and then have people just put their thoughts in the comments. No need for new blogs each time

    Did I misunderstand?

    Yes, I did not explain it clearly.
    I want each article to be on its own page – along with its associated comments.

    Use the “write pages” feature then…. giving each “topic” its own page.

    Is that how they do the different topics in this forum?

    This is forum software, not blog software. Two different animals….

    In the “Write Page” page of the wordpress admin area, there is a also a bookmarklet that will let you link to and then comment on the info you want to blog about.

    Not quite what I want. I want to have a separate Blog for each article. It seems that, if that’s what I want, I’m going to have to do something like several copies of wordpress… Is there any quicker/more graceful way then duplicating the entire wordpress?

    Gosh, that’s really overkill. If you do that, you won’t have a viable index setup, so people won’t be able to go to other articles (without you setting up hard-linking in the sidebar or something), and if you’ve got 30 articles, you’re looking at 30 installs each in the neighborhood of 20 megabytes….

    Why do you need a separate whole blog rather than simply separate “articles” on pages in one blog?

    A blog by its very nature is an agglomeration of articles, posts, pages – whatever you want to call them….

    That’s a nonsense – pardon me my harsh words.
    To have a whole blog software installed just to have ONE single post? Why?

    My Problem is I don’t really understand Blogging yet. I’m trying… but I still can’t get used to a page that scrolls down forever.
    I’ve posted several articles at and I’m beginning to see that categories and pages can’t help — but I’m waiting for the “AHA” that brings me into the present.
    If I’m not asking too much, could you take a look at what I’m doing and see if I appear to be organizing this optimally?

    Yes, for 5 posts it’s a very, very long page… But probably that’s how you write (=long).
    What you can do:
    1. Use the <more> quicktag and break the text – limiting how much will be shown on the main page, or
    2. In Options > Reading > limit the number of (long) posts shown on the main page

    Why cannot categories help? They were “invented” exactly for the purpose of organizing the posts.

    And it’s getting longer as I move all the articles from my articles section to the Blog. There are about 50 articles.
    Categories are utilized here – I’ve started categorizing and it is working (although wherebver there’s a graphic > 500px it bumps the categories down to the bottom — Arrgh)
    I think the <more> tag is the way.


    wherebver there’s a graphic > 500px it bumps the categories down to the bottom…
    You mean the whole sidebar? Yes, it happens in IE, you should never use an image that is wider than your content area (if in post) – or anything that is wider than your sidebar’s width, if the item is displayed in the sidebar.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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