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  • I am new to WordPress and have gotten most things running with my site except for this one thing which I feel should be simple.

    What I want to do is be able to tag and archive posts to different pages of the site. It is a music blog so for example if I’m writing an album review I will post it and it appears on the main page/feed. I want to tag this in a category and have it appear in a separate page just for album reviews and etc for other categories. I have been able to find featured post widgets which show usually maximum 10 of the most recent posts but I want to have the whole history of posts for a certain category on that page. It would be nice to change the format of how the post appears too but any advice would help.

    Also I currently use PageLines template but am open to other options that are more customizable or easier to use.

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  • Well when you click on a category, then WP shows all the posts that have that category, WP titles the page something like:

    Category Archives: Review

    Then in the address bar of your browser you will see the URL for this page something like:


    You havent said how you would like to show that page, but for example:

    You can then use this URL in a link that you create in a page.

    You can add this link as a menu item, so for example you can have a menu item called Reviews.

    You can add this link into a Text widget.

    I hope this helps

    Thanks and the page for the specific category would work for what I am trying to do even though I would ideally be looking for some customization on how everything is displayed.

    One thing I don’t know how to do is make this category page appear as a page on the tabs on my website.

    For example at the top of this page there are tabs for pages like “showcase”, “plugins”, and “support”. What I want to do is have all posts on my site from a specific category be archived on a specific page as well as the main page. So if I write a post for the main page and categorize it as “support” I want it to be archived on the support page and when you click that page it is all the posts that I have categorized as “support”.

    I don’t know what kind of tabs you are using but if you can add a tab, then you can link that tab to the URL of the archive category page as I described above.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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