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  • I love WordPress, and I especially love its Pages feature; it is what I have always wanted in a blogging (or forum) software but have yet to find outside of a bloated CMS. Anyway, I would very much like to use WordPress’ Pages to create an entire website–blog and static content.

    In the description of Pages I read somewhere, it said that they could be used to build even corporate-level websites.

    However, I’m stuck. If I keep adding content and sub-Pages and so on, the menu of Pages on the sidebar will keep getting bigger and bigger.

    I tried setting the sidebar depth to 1. Great!

    I then tried adding code to the page.php template file to include a second page list with only that page’s children using the child_of parameter of wp_list_pages().

    Unfortunately, I have not found a way to dynamically generate the ID of the page within the child_of= bit. I tried using the_ID() and even setting a variable to the_ID() and using the variable instead. Both yield errors.

    My question is twofold:

    If what I’m doing is not the easiest/best way to implement a website using Pages, what is? Surely there is a tutorial out there that I can’t for the life of me find.

    Second, how can you use the child_of parameter with a dynamic ID, so that it can be included in page.php to change depending on which page is shown? It would do no good to hardcode an ID into that in a template file when I’m trying to show the children pages of the current page on display, which varies.

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  • I’m with you on this one. I want to have the sub menu pages i create show up in a nested UL. I have a drop down menu tutorial from Alistapart ( which requires me to use nest UL tags. It is hard to explain, i’m not infront of my own computer so i haven’t been able to look at things like child sub pages etc. need some help.


    I have same problem with child_of parameter and on the codex I haven’t found information I was looking for. Using posts only for excerpts and pages with subpages easily browsable through such child_of parameter should be a good solution to make the blog benefit of pages feature to add more reach and organized content than posts could allow for their nature.

    This is a bit of a malarkey but:

    If you associated a new template with each parent page you then could hard code it. Not dynamic but a very simple fast and immediately accessible solution.

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