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  1. joeplante
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    Thanks in advance , I am new to wordpress - I have done most all of the online tutorials :) I am trying to organize my categories for my blog . It there a better way to do it so that my category list isn't 50 items long ? I was hoping that I could use the widget to display them on different parts of the page, with one header saying las vegas living and then green valley living somewhere else . Look at my site and you will see my issues it feels over like over load http://www.ownvegasrealestate.com . Any suggestions ?

  2. kmessinger
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    Take your first 10 - the Las Vegas and make them your categories. Then when you go to a category you can divide that into the towns.

    PS. Thanking in advance (one of my pet peeves :^) is illogical. I don't where it started but it is wrong.

  3. My opinion only:
    -Don't make categories too specific. They're categories. Not detailed information.
    -If you have a category, then at least one out of every 5 to 10 posts you make should go into the category. Why have a category you never write anything in?
    -Use categories for very general concepts. In your case, I would have "Summerlin" as a category. Or "Town Homes" as a category. Posts can be in more than one category, use this to break things down into concepts.
    -For specific details, use tags instead. They can be way more detailed. Tags are like meta-keywords for the individual posts. Except that they are also an on-the-fly organizational scheme, because you can get lists of posts with a given tag as well.

    In other words, make the categories and tags and such fit the data in the most logical way. Do not make categories because you want a URL of "summerlin-town-homes" and such. Work on that later. When the data is organized, the rest can be shaped to fit it.

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