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  • Can you list more info, like does it do automatic links, auto thumbnails, and any other features?

    Hi Lorelle

    You can use this plugin to view, copy, rename, delete and get html code of files in upload folder. Next release will be having image manipulation functions.

    Download the latest version

    I don’t understand what do you mean by automatic links?

    To Get the latest release of the Organizer plugin you can do the following..



    automatic links would be it generates a link to the imge and such at the click of a button – i assume anyway, though it seems this is really an organisational tool rather than an image generator – so think of it as a file manager for your WP Uploads, if that is correct?

    Thanks for this awesome plug-in!!!
    This is GREAT!!

    Thanks Schun

    What are the other features you feel it is missing in the plugin.. Please give me feedback so that I can try implementing the same.

    wow I -love- this. nifty for when you want to link to something you have already uploaded!

    Made some small changes to Organizer as requested by Karan Juneja. And fixed some bugs in file reading class. Added a new feature checking for new version of plugin available.

    If you already have the plugin no need to update since it is a minor fix.

    Just upgraded to 2.01. I read at Imthiaz site, it will not be developped further cause its function more or less bult in there.

    Now, I wonder how I can make all the old files and pictures appear in the new browserfunktion. Do I have to upload them all again?

    Or how have you fixed it folks?
    Anyone knows?

    I am having the same issue as lonetrotter, anyone has the solution to this?


    Organizer 1.0 – Update


    I have rewritten the organizer plugin to work with wordpress 2.0.X

    If you anyone interested you can download from here.

    I am using the organizer plugin and i think it is awesome!

    I want to add one small added piece of functionality and I am hoping someone can help.

    I want to be able to check a check box for each file that would simply mark the file as “approved” or “unapproved”. There is no other logic behind, it is simply a marker. I imagine it would show up on the “file details” page


    Any help is much appreciated!!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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