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  • A few days ago I came to forums to get information about the best “series” plugin. After reading a lots of threads, I decided for “Organize Series”. The best argument for my decisión was this:

    I’ll almost certainly use ‘Organize Series’ because of the huge amount of helpful documentation on the authors site.

    (Source: Satoridrok)

    So, following that recommendation, I went for the abovementioned plugin. I get an unpleasant surprise, however, at the very moment that visited the author’s page and found that the “helpful documentation” was available only for a not precisely cheap fee. I, of course, uninstalled and eliminate the plugin for my wordpress installation.

    I need to know which series plugin that DOESN’T CHARGE is the best and trustworthy one. In-Series? Series? EG-Series? Serial Post? Any one different than Organize Series would be ok…

    Thanks a lot for your answers…

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  • So $49/yr isn’t cheap? What would you consider cheap (as in low-cost)?

    Dear Nerrad:

    I ask for a recommendation. Your answer doesn’t provide one. So, I won’t play your game even considering that you’re in your right of charging for your work though the wordpress’ GNU philosophy is far away from “I charge for my work” philosophy.

    I need a recommendation. Do you have one?

    And yes, in my spanish-speaking language, “cheap” means “low cost”…

    You’re missing another option, Hackadelic Series.

    Out of your list, the only one I was ever familiar with (have tried out briefly myself) was In-Series, but it’s no longer being actively developed/supported.

    Thanks a lot for your recommendation. We already gave a try to Hackadelic series and really didn’t work for us. Our policy is to install the least number of plugins. It was a hard decission to install one for managing series. And it’s necessary to install not just one, but two plugin for the Hackadelic series to work. Besides, its developer (Hackadelic or whatever) is a little bit rude. Two reasons for us to discard his plugin…

    We’re giving a try to EG-Series. If it works, we’ll keep it. If not, we’ll try another one.

    Thanks again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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