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  • I´ve sometimes wish, that the images/uploads are better oragizable by assign tags or categories.

    Why? I´ve some teaser images, not matching an article direct but used many times. Moving them to special image/upload tags will make the “Media Library” view more confortable and also make the searching of images to add to an post/page mutch more intuitive.

    e.g. all “Post teaser images” are tagged with “internal, teaser, post”, all “Page teaser images” are tagged by “internal, teaser, page”

    These tags have to be private for the “Media Library” contentents, i think.

    Maybe this was already requested, or a plugin already can make this possible. What do you think?

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  • Hi
    I believe I’ve maybe found a way to organize lots of images on a site – is this a good way to do it?
    I’m making a travel site where posting time is irrelevant; category and post will be the “sorting factors”
    1 – Galleries: I let Nextgen gallery take care of them
    2 – Post related images: I’ve set an upload path to
    unchecking (settings-miscelaneous) “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” – and then setting the upload path using Custom Upload Directory plugin. (Don’t know if its really necessary, though)
    (3 – In addition I use some plugins that sorts for instance automagically created thumbnails etc)
    Sounds like the best way?

    PS One pitfall is that Custom Upload dir is not yet WP 2.5 compatible – but hopefully will be soon. Any alternatives?

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