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  • SeanBanksBliss


    It’s a hassle to open all the different set of blocks (each provided by a different plugin) just to find the one you’re looking for. The current system requires us to remember which plugin is providing the block we want to use. The natural user flow way would be to let us organize them. For example I can have all my pricing table blocks under one block set tab called “price tables”, I can have all my image gallery blocks under one tab called “images”.

    SO MUCH EASIER than trying to remember which on the many plugins I’ve downloaded has the 1 block I might be looking for. Also easy to quickly compare the blocks of different plugins to decide which one best suits the purpose.

    Can someone please make a plugin to organize gutenberg blocks in the block set selectors?

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  • dpevents


    I think a block aggregator will be for blocks what co-ops were for dairy farmers and apple orchardists – no branding. And someone has to sort out fairly overloaded names like “columns” or “Justified Flow”. When you have ad hoc providers you get ad hoc organization. I do like that Atomic Blocks uses AB in their block names for that reason. May haps the stellar thinkers at wordpress could do for block builders what ICANN does for host/ip distribution. Keep things unique and traceable.



    All you need is a plugin to allow you to create and label block groups (and hide annoying branded ones which you will be dragging the blocks out of as you the user sort them yourself). 10 minutes of a user sorting their blocks into their prefered groups (or even one “favorite blocks” group, would save countless thousands of hours for many tens of thousands of people who will otherwise have to waste their lives clicking through poorly organized hard to remember “branded” block groups trying to remember which ones they like to use and where in the hell it’s stored under all these closed brand name tabs.

    In this case, brands are bad for business. (It was never going to get me to buy anything without offering a locked down feature within the block anyway).

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Have you tried using the quick block selector?

    When you hit enter to get a new block, type / (the slash character) as the first letter. A list of blocks will appear. Keep typing to reduce the list. So, /ima will drill down to image blocks, or any other blocks with “ima” in them.

    You can arrow up and down in that list to select a specific one when you find it, and then hit enter again when it’s found, and it will convert the current block you’re in to that new block.

    So basically, you can search and select from all the blocks without using the mouse. Just hit the slash key.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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