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[Resolved] Organizational Question

  • I run a very large and old website of reader contributed stories that I am wanting to move into the WordPress format.

    I have read about pages and posts and the differences. I am trying to figure out the best way to organize my site with WP and my head is spinning. I like the idea of having the contributed stories as “posts” so then people can comment and I can use tags with them.

    But I am in a quandary about how to organize it in WP.

    My original site has 6 story categories. Each story has it’s own page. My file hierarchy for the original site is year then alphabetized by title. My menus handled the links to stories in specific categories by accessing an “index page” of a story type.

    I need some suggestions or help in determining the best way to organize the new WP site.

    If you need to you can view the site I want to convert here.

    Much thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  • WPyogi
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    Krishna, yes, I’ve been all over that. And that’s why I’m asking for a bit of help. My site – as it stands now – is more CMS than blog style. Does anyone have suggestions for organizing it? A few of the resources I have read said it’s best to think through the organizational aspect before just jumping in willy-nilly.

    WPyogi, thanks for that and the quick response. I have looked at it. And know I’ll need to get the old info all the way over to the new WP site. I know there are tools for helping. At the moment, what I’m really concerned with is getting the bones organization down. I don’t want to have to switch mid-stream because I didn’t think something through.

    The stories easily fit into categories as WP defined. But I guess where I’m stumbling is if I click on a category, it takes me to a list of those categorized stories not the page that introduces the story type. Can widgets be used to handle this? As in having the description of story types appear on the side of all posts of a type of story? Would it then be redundant and not worthwhile to have a separate WP page devoted to each story type? Or would it make more sense to lump all the types onto one general page. Then there is the issue of linking those static pages – a custom menu for that?

    This is a very different way of thinking about my website than I am accustomed to.

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    It really depends on what you want — WP can basically be organized and displayed almost any way you can imagine. In fact, you could have the categorized in more than one way so that they could be retrieved by type or date or author or subject or whatever categories you use. And yes, you could have a sidebar for the page unique to each category and/or a page display by category. When you click a category — the sidebar content can change relative to the category. One way to do that is using dynamic widgets: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dynamic-widgets/ So you would not likely need or want static pages. The list of stories could use a thumbnail image and an excerpt or blurb about the story — which is appealing visually and gives the reader a bit of a preview of the story, etc.

    Yes, it is a very different way of thinking than with older static websites…

    WPyogi, this is exactly the kind of help I was looking for. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    That dynamic widget plugin looks awesome and that would work fabulously. I wouldn’t need a static page for each category then and it would greatly simplify things.

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    Yeah, I think that once you get your brain re-oriented, WP will make your site much easier to deal with and manage…

    Oh gosh yes, that’s why I’m undertaking this. It takes just way too long to update it as it stands now.

    I really appreciate the input. I’ve been stewing on the “organization” bits for days now while I worked on my theme. *L*

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