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  • I am new to wordpress, and am building my site. I am trying to figure out how to organize all of my pages and posts to suit my needs. I am going to be creating an E-magazine pertaining to music, and will cover many things including album reviews, many different types of articles and blog posts, and more.

    My idea is that I want to create many different categories and sub-catagories of pages/directories, within which I can make blog posts/articles. I would also like ALL posts that I make within these child directories to be posted on the feed on the home page. So that the home page shows the newest postings from all catagories, and then each catagory is a blog of its own. So in a sense, what I need to create is blogs within blogs, while the home page shows the latest of ALL posts within these sub-blogs… I hope this makes sense! Another way to put it, is that I want the top bar menu to have categories and sub catagories, and whichever one you go to, there is a unique content filled blog. IE- genres and sub-genres of music..

    I am need of some assistance on how I can get this set up in a way that will be able to accomodate all of my future postings, which will be MANY different categories, so I really need this to be well organized so readers can easily find just what they are looking for! Thanks in advance!


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  • A great example of what I am trying to accomplish is to have a directory called Music, under which are the sub directories Artists, Releases, and labels. I would like them to be all interconnected so that if someone goes to an artist’s page, they can see all of their releases, and their record label, with links to go to their record labels page and/or release reviews on my site.

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