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  • Hi there, Is there any way to organise your plugins? In particular, after installing plugins, I notice that their admin section is scattered all around my WP admin. That’s kinda difficult for me. I’d prefer to have them all put in a single section. Is this possible? I couldn’t find a plugin for this, but maybe I’m just searching for the wrong terms?


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  • Sorry, but you’re unlikely to find a plugin that allows you to manage all other plugins’ management methods. The ways they go about it are just too scattered for working on such a plugin to make sense (and I’m still not convinced it’s possible).

    However, I definitely feel your pain. And, it’s not a new issue:

    Or if you can:

    1. First create a “plugins Management” Top Menu.
    2. Then open your plugins file and change their Admin menu option to your newly created.

    I logged in just to post on this very topic. It’s a pain to install a plugin, then have to go looking for wherever the options are. The best I’ve seen so far is AskApache.

    The plugin config panel is at the plugin screen. You know before you even activate the plugin where to go to set options.

    I’ve also seen a plugin (don’t remember which one) that automatically jumps to the configuration screen when it’s activated. That’s a nice touch too.

    Here’s a screenshot of AskApache’s config link. Simple and easy to figure out. Just like WordPress is meant to be.

    I copied the basic idea from the Google Sitemap Generator plugin.. glad you appreciate it, it makes it easier to develop plugins also.

    Check out the post on askapache Tips on Writing WordPress Plugins for some good info.

    Yeah, this is really annoying. Mmm, how about creating shortcuts, as a temporary solution? Maybe something like creating a tab called “Plugins Shortcuts” and then you can see everything there. I have to look through the code to figure out how to do this.

    Read post # 3 above.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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