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  • Hi there!

    This is a question around structuring/organising data. I have a site with 100+ static pages. On top of this, I have tiny snippets of information: links to other sites; small images; one or two lines of text. I want to relate these two.

    My issue is that I want to author them separately: adding pages as I go along then adding these snippets as I go along. I want the two to join up when the page is generated by WP. For example, I might find a link to a useful litho printing website, but have no other information. At a later date I might write a full article on litho printing and would like the two bits of data to join up: all on the same page.

    My thoughts are these:
    – Create a custom post type of “aside” (for example), and use this to record my unstructured bits of data. I could tag data here, too.
    – Use YARPP (or another ‘related article’ plugin) in my page template, with a reasonably high threshold
    – When I publish a page, YARPP would look for related items in my custom post type, and display them alongside the full article

    My questions are:
    – is this a good way of doing it?
    – should I use the current “aside” format or create a custom type of my own?
    – are there any other suggestions?



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