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  1. action13
    Posted 8 years ago #

    We have a blog livethelife.tv which covers different topics: travel, property, media and shop.
    We have lots of categories and feel it's maybe too difficult for visitors to find their way now. Now all our categories are in alphabetical order.
    We would want to organise our categories by for ex. topic, then by country, city ,... like for ex.:

    - property south-africa
    * property Jeffreys Bay
    - J-Bay houses -1 mio
    - J-Bay houses 1 - 3 mio
    * property St Francis Bay
    - ....
    - property Nicaragua
    * property San Juan Del Sur
    - ...

    - accommodation South-Africa
    * accommodation Jeffreys Bay
    - J-Bay B&B
    - J-Bay SC

    Is it possible to organise it like this ?
    If we make a category parent now, it looks the same and is not clear, as they just come below eachother.
    Can we easily do this without having to do changes in each post ?


  2. greatabeer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Yes it is possible and really Very easy. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

    make categories with all the name mentioned above. In category Real state do not select any parent category but in property south-africa select "real state" in parent category. do the same with all other catagory. Real estate will be the parent category for all the child category mentioned above e.g.

    - property south-africa
    * property Jeffreys Bay
    - J-Bay houses -1 mio
    - J-Bay houses 1 - 3 mio

    Now go to design then widget. Activate category widget in any sidebar you like and after adding it click edit in category widget and select "Show hierarchy"

    Problem solved :) you can see the example on the website http://www.doanalyze.com

    tell me when you are done that is it working or not

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