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  1. danlewy
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I just need a bit of advice, i am starting up a website for music events and clubs in Valencia. I will describe what I am after by form of an example:

    Say I have a page for a club, i want to then be able to categorise it with a music style and it's location.

    I would then like the user to be able to view the clubs by location, or by music style. The information on the pages would be pretty much static, but as I understand it, 'pages' in wordpress cannot be given tags or categories. What would be the best way of implementing this?

    Thanks for your time. I do not have a link to the site because at the moment it is theoretical.

  2. egado
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Custom Post Types might be a solution for you... try the search the web for it, there are 1000 tutorials of how to use them....

    But it might be hard if you are new on wordpress, php, css and html...

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