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    I have seen a considerable organic traffic drop since May 31st ~ (75% down) of 2019.
    Could it be this related to the latest All in One SEO/Sitemap update?

    In Google Search Console Sitemaps it shows me “0” Total discovered URLS
    But Status as “Success”
    “Sitemap index processed successfully”…

    I have Maximum Posts Per Sitemap Page: 1000
    Enabled Sitemap Indexing and even tried enabled Exclude Images.

    Do you have any suggestions?


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  • I had the same problem I think there was an algorithm problem with google indexing and had to reindex the site.

    My Website Organic Traffic( has also dropped more than 50% from the Month of June. Plz Help me with this. What is the reason of this?? I am using Yoast SEO plugin from the scratch of my blog. Plz tell me the solution for this.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    @jatin8053 If you’re using another plugin, you should contact them.


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    We did certainly experience the problem,

    Moreover we went to take up an alternative sitemap plugin.

    Over the past month we found that this has more to do with google algorithm update in regard with 4th July and diversity updates.
    More sites are taken to a ride here.
    You can get to know this more
    link 1

    Our growth shunted a bit and other domains we had hosted had a twofold increase in traffic.
    NOt denying the fact that there existed an issue with the sitemap plugin SEO, but i hope things are resolved now; and might be coincidential.

    As far as the traffic point of view, we experienced shunted server growth..
    We are yet to cover the lost traffic.

    Alternate views are appreciated.

    Thanks AIOSEO and everyone

    Hey everyone, please read this article about how to fix traffic loss with Google’s June 2019 update.

    The answer is…no answer.

    If your site is publishing shallow clickbait or posts that aren’t authoritative or written by experts in your field, that’s why you’re seeing a traffic loss. You just need to be much better at what you do. So time to go back and revisit your content and make some quality improvements. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH AN SEO PLUGIN. It has everything to do with: EXPERTISE, TRUST, AUTHORITY

    Make sure your author’s have bios and links back to their social media pages. Make sure your posts are high quality, not shallow clickbait.

    I just saw one of my client’s sites drop by half. I told him his content is too shallow, but he didn’t listen. Now, his traffic is cut in half.

    Bottom line: BE GREAT. Don’t just mail it in. Google is filtering out the wheat from chaff and you’re the chaff if you got hit by 50 to 75%.

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    While I can not speak for the plugin’s issues, I can confirm that there is an issue with GSC. If you remove your initial sitemap index, and submit any individual sitemaps GSC will read the index and report 0 discovered urls. I have successfully submitted sitemap indexes containing links to sitemaps totaling up to 115M unique urls in the past. My sitemaps are built by my own code, which I have thoroughly debugged to ensure exact google and schema specifications have been met (encoding, response headers, caching, response time, GZ compression…etc.

    Keep your fingers crossed that google is implying that that they have already “discovered” the sitemap urls contained in the sitemap index…

    and to @tonyzeoli, If you can not address and respond to a technical question from position of technical expertise… please do not address or respond to the question.

    Hi @gavintfn

    Indeed GSC takes a lot to index a sitemap and it seems that this is an old issue that they already know.
    (According to google’s forum “Gold Experts”)

    I think in my case took more than 4~5 weeks…

    According to other people having the same issue in Google’s forum apparently I was lucky…

    What I’ve learnt is that “even though it shows zero discovered URL’s google seems to have indexed the whole site and that shouldn’t affect your rankings!??”


    I am not sure if that statement is correct but again that’s what I think the “experts” are stating.

    When I opened this thread here to ask that question I tried to figure out if I was doing something wrong creating the sitemap through All in One SEO Plugin or if the plugin was not creating the sitemap correctly…

    Moreover It seemed odd that they were updating constantly their plugin in a very short period of time…



    @tonyzeoli I run numerous sites with around 2 million unique visitors pcm. They all have great content – which is why I get this many visitors.

    Now, one of these sites, has been hit by a sudden 50% drop in traffic overnight. The content is unique, well-researched, posts are around 2k words each, plenty of photos, no DMCA issues etc, etc. Judging by niche domination I would also regard it as an authority site.

    To have some patronizing no-it-all come along and start telling me it is because of thin / spammy content is mildly insulting to say the least.

    For the record I don’t think it is anything to do with sitemaps. However, after 3 months of thinking I’d fixed it and then Google traffic going off a cliff again I really don’t know what the issue is…

    Plugin Support arnaudbroes


    So let’s get this straight: our sitemap schema is 100% valid. We did experience an issue some time ago where Google changed their file name convention without giving notice, but this wouldn’t have affected your organic traffic and certainly could not account for a two digit percentage drop. There’s no need to bash anyone. There’s either a bug in Google Search Console or there was a PageRank algorithm update that is now negatively affecting your rankings.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso


    or if the plugin was not creating the sitemap correctly… Moreover It seemed odd that they were updating constantly their plugin in a very short period of time…

    This is a public, open-source project. Every single change, and the entire development process is public on Github:

    There’s also a changelog here:

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