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    Hi I run a self hosted site on wordpress.org, and also have the same site name on wordpress.com. I do not currently use the .com one but have been thinking I may start doing so in order to link in with the other blogs on wordpress.com which have similar topics to me. If I was to duplicate all my pages and posts over both sites would this be a good idea. I guess I am concerned that in terms of SEO it would be frowned upon to have duplicated content. I do apologise if this is a naive question but when it comes to blogs and SEO I am currently very naive. Any advice would be great.

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  • It actually would be frowned on from an SEO standpoint I would believe.

    It would be duplicate content. It would seem as though one site would be scraping the other for content.

    Even from a strictly user standpoint, it would dilute your effectiveness – your content would appear in 2 places for users, and most people wouldn’t sign up or visit 2 identical sites. You would end up with 2 divided weaker communities split between the sites, rather than concentrating your user base around a single site.

    Just my 2 cents!

    Keith Burgie


    You could buy the .com, move your content over and then redirect the .org domain. Here’s a thread that explains how to do it:


    I would not use duplicate content. A friend of mine had similar websites and Google penalized him for it……..it would be very easy to change the content or add additional content to the other site.

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