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    Hi Erin,

    This is probably a stupid question (better to be dumb ones, rather than your whole life :-p), How can i make a shortcode where the beer list by their page ID, is it orderby ID=”page IDs (seperated by comma)” or? I´ve made allot of variations from this and i can´t get them to line up as i want to.

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  • Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    [beer-list orderby="ID" order="desc"]

    The “orderby” attribute that was recently added uses all of these sort options.

    Thank you, but how do you add the IDs for the pages in this shorcode?

    Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    You mean to only specify certain beers? You’re only able to exclude beers by ID using the “exclude” option like this:

    [beer-list exclude="1,3,6,7"]

    If you wanted to list a specific set of beers, I’d recommend using the “groups” feature – you can set more than one group per beer and then just show that group and sort it by ID:

    [beer-list group="New Group" orderby="ID"]

    Otherwise, if it’s only a few beers, you can use the single beer shortcode like this:

    [beer id="1"] [beer id="2"] [beer id="3"]

    errm… i might be misunderstanding, but what i´m trying to accomplish is, to arrange the beers in a specific order, like;
    Steðji lager
    Steðji Dökkur
    Steðji Kóróna
    Steðji Reyktur
    Steðji Jarðaberjabjór
    Jóla Steðji
    Steðji páska bjór

    not like it is now, how would i rearrange the beers in that order?

    Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    In that case, since it’s so specific, you’d need to list them out individually, like this:

    [beer id="1"]
    [beer id="3"]
    [beer id="5"]

    etc. I’m looking into adding in an page order setting for groups eventually. But this is the current solution.

    Thanks, this is kind of allot of work to do, inserting one ID at a time, but it´ll do the work 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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