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    Hello. Today, all my orders began to get stuck on pending despite receiving a notification of payment. I have to manually click each order to processing and they no longer show the paypal transaction linked to the order.

    Could anyone help me fix this problem?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @mikeg9999, this should be done from your PayPal account. It will not be available in your WordPress dashboards and WooCommerce settings.

    Thanks, have checked certificates encryption settings and look ok to me.

    I also checked all the failed IPN’s in my account using which is showing ‘RETRYING’ for every single payment since Monday morning.

    Alarmingly, all IPN’s with EBAY sales are also failing!

    Contacted Paypal awaiting response 🙁

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    But surely both ends of a transaction need to ‘talk’ to each. If an API is setup in PayPal then those API/Credentials would need to be used by WooCommerce so WooCommerce needs to know and use them?

    I did look in the PayPal API section but could not find any credentials setup there.

    All my Completed Payments in PayPal show an IPN status of “Retrying” so I’ll be contacting PayPal business support when they open tomorrow.

    Interestingly the PayPal “HTTP response code” values for the “Retrying” IPN’s is blank, it’s like PayPal IPN cannot reach/find my site. Normally you would see response code 200.

    I did see in the WooCommerce PayPal debugging log a string that included cancel_order true which seems odd but I don’t have any debugging for a fully working transaction to compare against.

    I also use Automatic woocommerce paypal express and do not have this problem, why ?

    Paypal have just confirm to me they are aware of this issue with a number of accounts affected, and are working to resolve it.

    @mikeg9999, I am afraid I don’t have much to add here for now. Maybe we should wait and see what PayPal will do about this.

    According to the response they gave @riggers2000 they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.

    I do use SiteGround as well !


    May I ask for the domain name you are facing issues with? Or just a random ticket ID that I can use to find your account?

    Same issue here. I was directed to this thread from a post on PayPal’s community.
    Stopped working early morning on the 8th. I use Siteground at This randomly occurs about once every 6 months. I thought it was an email thing. Time before this, I just retyped my email address and hit save and magically it started working. This time, I setup the Paypal identity token and that seemed to work. Orders are not getting stuck on processing anymore, but I stopped receiving emails for payments.

    same here. It has been a week and i have to complete all orders manually.


    Can you please check now?

    Mine is working after I setup the Paypal identity token on September 8th in the morning within WooCommerce Settings. I just do not get the emails now. I am not sure what you did will resolve the email issue. But I wanted to chime in, to add another example.

    Did you try setting up the PayPal identity token?

    I have the same issue with my website I am using with siteground as well. I have been trying to find a solution for few days but failed. I contacted paypal and waiting their response. It seems many others are also using siteground so maybe it is not just a coincidence

    For all SiteGround customers:

    For now, you can consider the PayPal identity token workaround.
    Consider also reporting this by posting a Support Ticket from your SiteGround User Area so that we can look for any sort of pattern.

    I am sure that more information will be posted in this thread soon.



    hi, all

    for this issue, if your order start pending after September, it maybe related to the PayPal cert upgrade issue here:

    I am using siteground and livechat with their CS, the ask me to update the cert and retry it if IPN work back or not

    coz my IPN history reflect that the issue happen after September, and it should be not related to woo update as this on is 2 weeks ago and order is fine b4 September


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