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    For the past few days, I have a few (3-5) orders each day that stay in the status of “pending payment” and never cross over to being in the “processing” status. I have disabled stock management, due to our inventory levels and demand it would be a constant thing to update. I am using PayPal as my only payment method. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Thank you.

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  • Same problem here (since upgrading to latest woocommerce) Have you been able to resolve it?

    I had this problem. I emailed Woothemes support, who suggested re-saving the Permalinks. So this would be a simple thing to try first.

    For me that didn’t work. What I did in the end was get the PDT Identity Token from PayPal and putting that in WooCommerce settings. So it was using PDT rather than IPN for the notification of the payment. And it worked.

    Let me know if you need an explanation of how to do any of this.

    Christine F. Abela
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    I was able to solve my particular problem (via woothemes support)
    For me it was a conflict with the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers plugin. I deactivated the plugin and the PayPal orders completed processing properly. It worked with previous versions but became a problem with the latest Woocommerce update.


    Could you please elaborate on the process of re-saving permalinks? I think this is the issue for me because I recently switch our site from http: over to https:. Now all orders are stuck in “pending” status, and woocommerce emails are not being sent to us or the customer.

    The only reason I know of a sale is I still get the email notification from paypal saying I’ve received payment. This leads me to believe the issue you were having with the identity token is not the case for us.

    I’ve been using woocommerce for over a year now, and this is the first this has happened. I’m rather positive about the issue occuring due to the http: / https: switchover.

    I have the same problem, and am at my wits end. Orders come in, and notification from PayPal is the only way I know they’re there. I’ve added the PayPal Token, but it doesn’t help.

    For the past month, I’ve been having the same problem. Not only are orders stuck on “pending payment” but the item quantities are not reduced either. Help!

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Putting this here again, see the debugging section in



    i have the same issue after i change my paypal email address, and there is no “blocks duplicate invoices” in paypal australian account

    Hi, same problem within 4 days!!!
    How did you solve the problem ?

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