• Hi there, is there any news on the issue that orders are being skipped? Apparently I’m not the only one. I’m using your plugin on a client site with approx. 10-20 orders per day, and every day order receipts via the thermal printer are being skipped.

    The orders are being completed and the e-mails are getting sent, so I don’t really know where to look to resolve this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I could not find any (abnormal) similarities between the skipped orders. Is it perhaps possible that a device/browser language other than Dutch (the site language) might be the culprit?

    Plugin Contributor lawrenceowen


    Hi Justin,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. I do have a plugin update to release soon but it is mainly to enable compatibility with more printer models and I don’t think it will help your case.

    We haven’t seen the same issue in testing which makes it difficult to comment on, but I can explain a little about how the plug-in works which may help narrow down the possibilities.

    Currently, the plug-in generates a print job by hooking in to the WooCommerce “Thankyou” event. This event triggers our code whenever the “Thank you for your order” message is generated and shown to the user. Therefore any method of generating an order that does not cause this event to fire would also not cause a print job. Usually this is only something that could be done by an admin through the WooCommerce management interface, it’s not something that can be done by a typical customer. But is it possible that this could be related to your situation?

    Perhaps using different language web browsers can in some way interfere with the triggering of this event. We can test that on our side.

    I am not the original developer but am looking in to alternative methods of triggering the print job. I would like to fix this as a priority, have you been in contact with our support team at all?



    Dear, your plugin seems not to work.

    1. Where to insert the given URL?
    2. The only Star link I have in my IP printer interface is a link to star.jp that has nothing to do with cloud print.
    3. After one hour of research I figured out how to sign-in to Star Clound but there is not way to add my device IP

    What is the point of your plugin?




    @acdigital make sure you have a compatible printer AND that the firmware of the printer is current. I had a problem like yours with an old version of firmware on the printer even though the printer was brand new. After new firmware everything was there that is needed to setup the printer.

    Plugin Contributor lawrenceowen


    @justin-picard There is a known situation that can cause orders to miss because our plugin is triggered by the WooCommerce “Thank You” event hook. In some cases WooCommerce does not trigger this hook – usually because a used exits their webbrowser or just closes their laptop before waiting for the “Thank You” message to be displayed.

    The next plugin release will allow you to trigger a print job based on the order status changes (either “Processing” or “Completed” instead which is much safer. It will probably be another week or two before this version is officially published, but there are sample version available immediately if you want to test those. Links can be found on this forum, or just let me know and I’ll provide it.

    @acdigital As @mikerutherford108 mentioned, please make sure that you printer has at least the minimum require firmware version mentioned by the plugin documentation. If you have an mC-Print model printer, then I would recommend version 3.0 which is the most widely compatible with the latest server security requirements.

    If you have any trouble with updating your printer firmware, please contact your local Star Micronics office support team. If you have any difficulty contacting them then let me know.

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    Sounds good! I’ll test the samples and await the update before I push it to my clients production environment. Thanks!

    Hello, I would like to test this sample version, where can I found it ?

    thanks for you help

    Plugin Contributor lawrenceowen


    You can download the sample release from https://vault.star-emea.com/s/P3YGAPQJxL2QGoj.


    Thread Starter Justin Picard


    I installed the updated sample release of the plugin, but the problem still persists. Also the link to download the sample release does not work anymore.

    (When) will the sample release be released as an ‘official’ update?

    Plugin Contributor lawrenceowen



    You still find orders being skipped even after updating the plugin? Just to be sure, the plugin version that I primarily recommend now is https://vault.star-emea.com/s/WFEiKggj7sS3w39 to avoid this issue. It have been updated very carefully and proven to be stable on a few hundred sites now.

    I am however, not planning to update the version in the WordPress repositories with this one, as the change in printing trigger can potentially break some customer sites. Additional modifications need to be tested first. However that is only an issue if your site has been modified to assign an initial order processing status other than “Processing”.

    Even with the base version of the plugin, the issue should be very rare, it really can only occur an end customer closes their web browser very quickly after making an order (before seeing the final “Thank You” confirmation message). So it concerns me that this is such a regular issue for you. If you are based in the UK/EU, then I can offer an alternative integration method that may work better for you.

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