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  • I’ve tested it, purchased a product, it takes me to paypal, I pay.

    I go back to the website and it shows order complete page.

    Yet in woocommece is shows as pending, and I never receive the email about the completed order. So it’s handing on a step somehow, and I can’t figure out why. I tried looking for this topic but couldn’t find it here.

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  • You have a server running CURL and SOAP installed?

    Never mind I seen you want Downloaded files to goto complete.

    Same problem! Can’t figure out to make auto complete.

    Using a Simple Product with BOTH Virtual + Downloadable checked off!

    Hi Guys,
    Make sure your IPN is setup properly.

    After a transaction is completed, it’ll take you back BUT the act of taking the user back does not do anything. Paypal has to ping your server and let woocommerce know that they’ve paid. This is the IPN.

    Best of luck!

    Where do you set that? There’s no IPN information in the settings.

    You have to set it on paypal and woocommerce. Paypal: to know where to ping and woocommerce: to know where to receive.

    Because you’re dealing with people’s money, I think it would be better to review this:

    Best of luck!

    Hey Fishing,

    I found a fix to the problem.

    I went back to woocommerce 1.6.6, and the order completes perfectly on the virtual/downloadables, just as it should.

    **WARNING** — Be careful before uninstalling/downgrading if you go this route. It can really mess things up. Maybe try doing this on a localhost first!

    I’ve got up to Woocommerce 2.0.0, and the order completes as well. I will be doing further tests tomorrow to see what is the update that is throwing us off!


    Riley, you rock buddy!

    I’m not so sure I want to downgrade as I’m sort of stuck in a theme. Might cause too much issue. Let me know if you can trace the issue.

    Hey Fishing,

    I did some testing and here’s what I found.

    Woocommerce 1.6.6 to 2.0.3 allows the transaction to be completed 100% when customer purchases. Both emails are sent automatically on the purchase. (Customers email for the downloadable product, and your email invoice of the transaction).

    They just updated to 2.0.5 which still does not “auto complete” the transaction even when the product is both “Virtual” and “Downloadable”.

    Something they have changed is effecting our “completed” orders!

    But good news is 2.0.3 seems to be doing great.


    One thing I found is that if I de-activiated the plugin first, then overwrite the files, it kept my stuff as it was, just upgraded/downgraded to the version I was overwriting. But when I DELETED the plugin, then stuff got very wonky. So deactivate, and overwrite with Filezilla if you go that way. (Then simply re-activate in the wordpress plugins).

    Again, do your backups before proceeding with it ;). (Full backup, + the CPanel partial backups to be safe)

    Alright, I’ve found an answer talking to Mike Jolley via github.

    Here’s the convo:

    Where did you download the 2.0.3? I have every kind of notification working BUT completing orders. Need to try the downgrade to see if it will help!!

    Yeah I upgraded to the newest version today thinking there was a fix. But nope, still having the issues. Where do you find the old version?

    I found it. You can download the older version here.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    ^ The fix for pending IPN will be in the next update. NOTE this doesn’t affect live paypal IPN requests, just sandbox!

    What’s the point of that? We need Paypal to work.

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