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    The DoExpressCheckoutPayment call to PayPal is the final step in the process, and that’s where the money is actually moved.

    In your log it looks like you updated to our 1.4.5 version on the 9th, and there was a successful order after that, but then after that one I do see some where that final call simply wasn’t made. So that fact that the first one worked on 1.4.5 tells me the issue is not within that update.

    Unfortunately, it’s tough to say exactly what could be causing this without being able to see it for myself. Are you able to reproduce this?



    Jonah, you need to remove that link to your log immediately. You’re exposing all your customers’ details.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit it so I can remove it.

    This is what was emailed to me in regards to this plugin:a

    I had a customer call me today because they could not order using the their PayPal account. When they finish putting in the information, it sends them back to the store order page. Adam the tech that sent the email below mentions the return URL send them to the Rust Doctor cart instead of the check out details page.

    From Paypal

    The first solution to this issue would be to check the option in the ExpressCheckout module for “Skip Final Review”, which will settle the payment on the PayPal website. Once the customer pays on the PayPal site, they will be redirected to the Return URL that is specified in the SetExpressCheckout API call.

    The Return URL being passed in your SetExpressCheckout API call is currently set to: If you would like to have the customer be returned to your website to review their order before settling payment, then you would want to uncheck the option for “skip final review”, however you will need to make sure that the page for the Return URL exists on your site, and is handling the GetExpressCheckout details appropriately. When I navigate to your return URL, there is a 302 redirect to, instead of the checkout details page. This is something you would need to have your web developer troubleshoot – the reason for the redirect.

    Plugin Contributor Oliver


    Hi, Jonah,

    Did you try the suggestion given by the PayPal support? I was supposed to suggest the same, Can you please try that and let me know if that helps solves the issue?

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    @fishbaitbytes, Yes, we definitely need to figure out where that redirect is coming from because that’s not something our plugin would be doing.

    One thing you can try is to go into Settings -> Permalinks and click save to sort of reload that setting. It sounds like maybe your permalinks are a little messed up.

    How can I go about testing this. I did go through the settings of woocommerce and everything is set right. This is woocommerce 3.0.8

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Did you try resetting your permalinks as I mentioned?

    I did try resetting the links and this is what the client emailed back to me today:

    When you click on the test product page you set up, it takes you to the check out page. You have an option to use a credit card or check out with PayPal. When I click on PayPal it takes me to the log in page for my PayPal personal account. I log in and it takes me to the PayPal check out page. I click on pay now and it sends me back to check-out page. No payment is made. This is what my customers tell me as well.

    Plugin Contributor Oliver


    @fishbaitbytes, Can you submit a ticket here so we can work with you more directly on this?

    We may need to troubleshoot directly from your site since that’s the only place this seems to be happening right now. Do you have a staging copy of your sites setup for testing purposes? It would be good if you could provide temporary login credentials for a staging site so we can jump in there, configure things for Sandbox mode, and run some tests.

    Did you manage to solve the problem? Since 1.4.6.x updates I have exactly the same problem…

    People checkout, login in the paypal page, are brought back to the checkout page where all billing and shipping data is shown, click on “Place Order”, and it all starts again…
    Each time that place order is clicked, the order is added in woocommerce, with the yellow pending payment mark. No transaction is made.

    I’ve tried the wc-api/WC_Gateway_PayPal_Express_AngellEYE/?pp_action=get_express_checkout_details and it also brings me to cart page. But I do not understand where this redirect comes from…

    Plugin Contributor Oliver


    @sync4489, Sorry for the delay, are you using wp-engine hosting?

    Hi, no we are on a dedicated server where we have full access
    we use WP Rocket, but the problem persists even with the plugin disabled…

    Unfortunately I never did get it working for my client neither. They went and found an alternative tech guy. Who fixed it but never let me know how.

    I even made sure the checkout wasn’t being cached.

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Please check under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout Tab. What do you have set for the “Checkout pages” on Cart and Checkout page?

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