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  • Hello, I am experiencing the exact same problem. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

    I also have this problem, currently trying to solve it.
    This seems to be the same problem: (written in french though).

    Here is an analysis on what happens (tried using a real card and the test card):
    1. ordering
    2. redirection to bank
    3. bank record the payment successfully (and in money gets debited in case of the real card used!)
    4. I’m redirected to WordPress (response page using the shortcode) but the order is marked as canceled and awaiting payment.

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    Oh and, the canceling has exactly the same problem. When I click on “get back to shop” on the bank payment page, my order is never canceled. As if everything which comes back from Atos (in my case Sogenactif) was unreadable.

    I’ve previously used Atos (the same files I use here) with Prestashop and it worked correctly. I’ve correctly modified the paths, verified it 10 times already and I don’t get any configuration errors.

    Yay, I solved it – at least for the payment. I did not try to verify the canceling yet.

    So, the problem is in the configuration options. You have 3 options (I use it in french, so i’ll try to translate):

    1. Url de retour après annulation – Return URL after cancel
    2. Url de retour normale – Normal return URL
    3. Url de la réponse automatique – URL for automatic response.

    In 1. I have, for 2. and for 3.
    In 3 I had put the shortcode but I’ve never been redirected there. So now i modified 2. to use the same URL as 3 and that worked for the payment.

    I’m a bit unsure if there is a misunderstanding about how these fields are named or if there is a dysfunction in the plugin. Maybe the author can tell us.

    Ok, now for the cancellation part. When I place my order and I’m redirected to the bank’s payment page, then I click “Cancel” I’m successfully redirected to the URL defined in 1.
    And my order is recorded in Woocommerce as awaiting payment.

    4 weeks later: There is another problem which may be causing this behaviour. It’s not related to the SIPS Atos plugin though:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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