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  • Hi Harry,

    Which ideal plugin are you using? We want to start using this plugin too, but we want to make sure that we don’t have the same problem! Do you know if the Pro version is also having this problem?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Marjolein,
    For iDEAL we use the Sisow epay plugin.
    We don’t use the pro version, so i cann’t say anything over this plugin.
    best regards

    Problems with woocommerce payment, based on WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers?

    I’m using woocommerce and a gateway plugin for “”. In testmode all is working great. Then finally yesterday I’ve activated WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers as final “to reset” invoice numbers to Zero. After them I don’t check Today after launch I tried again and it don’t work. Maybe the problem is this plugin. Any idea?



    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your reply.
    We are using the Pronamic iDeal plugin. I’m going to try if the order numbers that are sent to our iDeal plugin are still correct after I install the sequential order number plugin. I’ll let you know!

    My problem is gone. Could fix it. It’s no a problem with this plugin.

    Hi Harry,

    I tested the Pronamic ideal plugin, but the problem is the same as you are describing. I asked pronamic (we use a license) if they can fix it.

    On someone posted that the problems with the sisow plugin in combination with custom order numbers were solved by Sisow. Maybe this can help you?

    Hey guys, because of the way WooCommerce is designed, while I can assign a custom order number with my plugin, I can’t force the gateways to make use of it if they aren’t coded properly. Any gateway which you purchase or download and find is not sending the custom order number, be sure to get in touch with that gateway author (or file a support ticket on WooThemes if you purchased from there). I’ve written up a brief how-to on the Pro version documentation that you can provide to payment gateway plugin authors to assist them: (this applies to the free version as well)

    Any gateway which doesn’t support the free custom order number plugin is not going to work with the pro one either; though there are other benefits to upgrading to pro, including choosing a starting number, customizing the number format, and receiving WooThemes support.

    Thanks for using my plugin, and I hope this helps!



    @harry, I have been in contact with Sisow, they fixed this in the latest plugin (not yet released afaik). Contact support to get it!

    WooCommerce Sisow’s plugin latest released is at march 5
    Hopefully with fixed ordernumbers?



    I don’t think the march 5 release contains these fixes, as this was ‘made to order’. Do check with Sisow to be sure!

    Does this work with standard Paypal in the UK??

    My client installed it and since then email notification have stopped!

    Not pointing a finger, just trying to troubleshoot his problem.

    many thanks

    Hey Midlifecyclist, it should work with standard paypal in the UK so far as I know anyways. I’m assuming you’re talking about the PayPal gateway that comes built in with WooCommerce.

    I’d be pretty surprised if the sequential order numbers plugin were to interfere with email notifications, I’d recommend disabling my plugin and then re-testing the emails to isolate whether it truly is due to the sequential order numbers being active. Definitely let me know if that is the case

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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