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  • Hi Guys,

    I’m trying to set up an event registration site for a five day conference but can’t find a plugin I want.

    Here’s how I want it to work:

    Users register for the conference and get signed up for membership to the site (I’ve found a plugin to do this).

    They can then log into the site and book seats at whichever workshops during the conference they want to attend.

    When they click on the workshops a booking is made for them. They don’t need to make another payment (it’s covered in their registration fee).

    Ideally, after they’ve made the booking an email should be sent to them to confirm how many seats they’ve booked and whichever facilitator is running the workshop. It’d be good if there was a record of all bookings I could look at if I needed to.

    There will be multiple workshops happening at the same time in different rooms. Each room has a different capacity so I’ll need to be able to set a capacity (e.g. once one user has booked 5 seats there’d be only 25 seats left if the room only held 30, etc.).

    This all seems pretty simple to me but I can’t find a decent plugin that can do what I want.

    Can anyone help? Does anyone know a good plugin that could do what I want?

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  • There’s lot’s of very good events plugins:

    Tom Greenwood


    It is interesting that this is a pretty standard requirement for most conferences but there doesn’t seem to be a plugin that actually does it. Event Espresso has an add-on for multiple event booking, which is better than nothing, but that is really designed for booking several separate events at the same time rather than options within a parent event,

    Tom Greenwood


    The solution that we found is Camptix ( with a little modification to create a user for each person that signs up, so that they can login and be presented with a profile form, which we extend with some custom fields to find out about their requirements for the conference.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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