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  1. sixohfour
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    I've looked around the forums but have been unable to find anything that relates to this specifically.

    When I'm uploading a large amount of files (JPG photographs specifically) which have numerical names that are in sequential order, they always seem to upload out of their intended order. This takes up quite a bit of time to get them in the appropriate order for posting, as when they are scanned and named they are supposed to appear in a 'chronological' order.

    Is there any way I could make these files show up in proper alphabetical / numerical order? (eg - 0001 to 0002 to 0003, not 0024 to 0012 to 0009)

    I use the flash uploader, and select all the files I want to upload at once. I suppose I could use the regular uploader and do it each file at a time, but this would take up as much time as sorting the files after they're uploaded (I'm talking approximately 100 files each time).


  2. sixohfour
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