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    the “Teams” for example are alphabetically ordered, and rightly so, because it makes finding the team you’re looking for easier, however, the “Match Types” aren’t alphabetically ordered, they’re just listed in the order they have been created, which, in case you have 20-30 Match Types it makes finding the one you’re looking for quite difficult, so my proposal would be to list them alphabetically, both in the “Match Types” section of the plugin and in the drop down menu where you select the Match Type when creating a new match.

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    I changed it for the next version.

    Great. Thank you very much.

    In the mean time I have thought of some other suggestions but I won’t start a new thread just for them so I’ll post them here:

    1. On the Prediction Sheet, also add the “Save” button above the matches list. At the moment it only appears below the matches list, and if you have the matches ordered so the latest matches appear at the top, and you have dozens/hundreds of matches, the users have to scroll down a loooong way to get to where the Save button is.

    2. On the page where you create a new match (I’m talking about the page where you actually fill in the match details, such as the teams, match date, stadium, etc…), add a text input box where we can type in a bit of text that is then displayed on the Prediction Sheet on that gray bar on which the match date is displayed. The date only takes up a little bit of space on the left side and all that other space is left there empty for nothing when we could be using it to display important information, such as the match’s referees, or the weather forecast or the TV channel the game is broadcast on or some other information.

    3. Make it possible for us to only have users who have earned at least a point displayed in the rankings. The reason for this is that often users are registered and part of the pool but they no longer actually participate, and having a bunch of users listed there with 0 points is just unnecessary and it might give the active users a sort of sense of the tipping competition being abandoned.

    Thank you for spending your time developing this. It’s great!

    4. Consider making giving the Goal Difference Bonus for matches ending in a draw a standard feature, or at least an option available to users. I don’t understand why it would make sense to give less points to those correctly predicting a goal difference of 0 than to those correctly predicting a goal difference of 1 or 2. It makes no sense to me.

    5. Display the time zone for each match’s kick off hour. For example, I chose to have all the games start hours be UTC, but it’s not displayed anywhere so users have no way of knowing.

    6. Allow us to give a name to the default ranking. For example, I have enabled the feature allowing users to choose what rankings they want to see when they go to the Rankings page, and the default ranking is there without any explanation to what it actually is and if you click on one of the other rankings from that drop down menu and wait for the page to load, if you open the drop down menu again you see an empty space for the default ranking.

    Regarding suggestion no. 2… I just realized the grey bar doesn’t appear above every match. If there are multiple matches on the same date part of the same “Match Type” then the date bar only appears once. Still, It’d be nice if we could add some comments. Maybe the left part of each match’s listing could be split in two rows, with the kick off time on the first row and a bit of empty space on the second row where this text could be inserted.

    Another suggestion:

    7. in the ranking widget, put something like “Full Rankings” with a link to the full rankings page for that particular ranking.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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