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  • Hi,

    I searched in the forum, but could not find any solution.
    If i try to change the ordering of the galleries of an album, it does not work. It just takes the default order by date. Although it is possible to change the order in the backend.

    It worked in the previous versions until 1.9.x…

    kind regards

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @jürgen – What are you using to insert the album into your page/post that you want to sort?

    – Cais. on the home…

    I have the same question/problem. I would also like to set the order of the galleries in my album myself, but this doesn’t work.

    In the backend I have set the order as:
    1) Kleurenfoto’s
    2) Zwart-wit foto’s
    2) Foto’s sprekers

    but this doesn’t appear in the frontend

    you can set the gallery using shortcode in post/page.

    [nggallery id=”a”]

    “a” is gallery ID.

    but we are talking about album and not gallery 😉 ….
    One album includes several galleries… and the order of those is the problem…

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jürgen – What are you using to insert the album? Are you using a shortcode or are you using the IGW (“green button”) in the TinyMCE editor’s visual tab?

    – Cais.

    @cais: we are using the short-code….like this…:


    <div id=”galleryHome”>
    <h3 class=”hometitle recentworks” id=”galleryHomeTitle”>Views<?php #esc_html_e(‘Recent Works’,’DeepFocus’); ?></h3>

    <div id=”portfolio-items” class=”clearfix”>
    // get_template_part(‘includes/gallery’);
    #do_shortcode(‘[album id=1 template=extend]’);
    $tmpContent = nggShowAlbum($albumID=1, $template = ‘extend’);
    echo ajala_parseQtranslateContent($tmpContent,$q_config[‘language’]);

    <div class=”clear”></div>
    $pageLink = isset($ajalaConfig[‘galeriePageID’]) ? get_page_link($ajalaConfig[‘galeriePageID’]) : get_category_link(get_cat_ID(get_option(‘deepfocus_portfolio_cat’)));
    echo ‘<span>’;
    esc_html_e(‘Enter The Gallery’,’DeepFocus’);
    echo ‘</span>
    </div> <!– end #portfolio-items –>


    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jürgen – You appear to be not using a specific shortcode and also Qtranslate (which is not known to be compatible with NextGEN Gallery).

    If you organize/sort your album under Gallery > Manage Albums and specifically only use a current shortcode (see do you see the proper order being rendered?


    – Cais.

    I use the “green button” in the TinyMCE editor’s visual tab

    If I go to ‘manage galleries’ I can see the respective ID’s, in my case:

    ID 1 Autminds-sprekers
    ID 2 Autminds-kleurenfoto’s
    ID 3 Autminds -zwart-wit foto’s

    This ID was automatically created and I think it refers to the moment when I made those galleries. First I created the gallery ‘sprekers’, so this one got ID = 1 etc.
    But this is NOT the order by which I want to show them in my Autminds album.
    But I see nowhere the option to set the ‘order by’ in the visual tab (I’m not used to work with shortcodes, I’m just an ordinary user and not a developer, although I could learn them ofcourse).

    The order by would be something like this:
    1 –> ID=2
    2 –> ID=3
    3 –> ID=1

    So the question I have is: how can I set the ordering of the galleries (with their respective gallery ID’s) WITHIN an album?

    So far I have created only 1 album, so the album ID=1.

    Update: it works now, so maybe this had also to do with the plugin conflict I reported elsewhere

    @loekarin…. what did you change that it works?

    I had a plugin conflict with another plugin (Polylang).
    I deactivated that plugin.

    I didn’t do anything else. It just suddenly worked.

    hmmm….and the album makes the order as done in “manage albums” …?

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