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  1. Davepar
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I found a fairly painless way to order categories that doesn't require any code mods. First create a column called "cat_order" in the wp_categories table. I made mine varchar(64). Then put numbers or whatever you want in the field for each category using phpMyAdmin or other DB software. Then use "sort_column=order" in the call to wp_list_cats (or put "order" in the sort_column parameter of list_cats). There's no way to edit the order through WordPress unless you modify the admin scripts.

    Getting the hierarchical display of categories working was a whole nother hassle. list_cats has some serious bugs.

  2. billh
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I use the wp_get_links('categorynumber') function to order my links by category. Of course, the order is strictly alphabetical by website name, but I can choose which category that gets displayed by changing the 'categorynumber' parameter in the function call.

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