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  • I’m trying to create a static page that has a very long list in it. I formatted the list using the ordered list tags. However, it won’t allow me to have “sub-sub-lists”, i.e.-

    1. Item
    2. Item
    1. Sub-item
    1. Sub-sub-item
  • Sub-item
  • Item
  • Each time I try it, it inserts the end of the list tags below sub-item #1. Any ideas why this won’t work?

    **EDITED: Meant to say sub-sub lists. It allows sub-lists, but nothing below that.**

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  • Lists of posts? Pages? Links to other things? A sitemap?

    A nested list opens with a UL then has the items each in an LI, but at the end of the LI that you want to start a new list in, the closing LI isn’t there but the next UL to open the list is. At the end of that new list, the closing LI is there.

    <li>Item One</li>
    <li>Item Two
    <li>List Two - Item One</li>
    <li>List Two - Item Two
    <li>List Three - Item One</li>
    <li>List Three - Item Two</li>
    <li>List Two - Item Three</li>
    <li>Item Three</li>

    These might help. (has list information in it, too)

    try disabling the automatic html corrector in the admin options

    and if this works, go to and submit the bug

    In fact, that did work, Denis.

    Thank you much for your help. Going to submit the bug now…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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