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  • I think you could achieve something similar with just changes to the style of the output. I feel it’s the responsibility of the theme to decide how the output of the widget should be laid out on the page.

    Do you have your own developed theme or using something out of the box?



    An out of the box theme from Themeforest called Maya Shop. Which file would I tweak to adjust the style of the output? I’m imaging that the current output is set to display as a long string, whereas I would need to adjust it to display as a list. Does this sound about right?

    You should look into editing the style.css or other .css file to change the presentation. Another choice would be to install a plugin which lets to add arbitrary CSS to your page



    Still wondering how this might be accomplished (not resolved!) on my site:

    Typically it displays in a horizontal running list. I seek the answer to turn this list into three or four columns of vertically-running items.

    With CSS, I’ve gotten the items to display in rows, but still the links are running horizontally, while I want the items to be vertically stacked. Is this a pipe dream?

    Current CSS:

    .widget_tag_cloud {
    display: table;
    background-color: #000000;
    padding: 10px 20px;
    width: 580px;
    height: 200px!important;}
    .widget_tag_cloud a {
    font-size: 14px!important;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    float: left;
    width: 100px;
    display: block;}


    So I recently got some feedback on this problem that I thought I’d share”

    In its current html format, yes, that would be a pipe dream. Anchor elements aren’t design for that. You have to section them into div columns or split them into stacks of ul >li lists instead. And display: table; isn’t really appropriate here.

    Seems like what I’d like to accomplish (have the plugin display in alphabetically ordered rows) would not be possible unless the php code of the plugin was modified.

    Any chance this display option might be available in a future release?

    If you want to align the tags “row by row” like this:

    a b c
    d e f
    g h i

    You could maybe do it with CSS. But if you would like to align them “column by column” like this:

    a d g
    b e h
    c f i

    That would take some changes to the plugin. I feel this is kind of a special request, but maybe I could add some hooks to the plugin so that anyone could change how the cloud is rendered. Then you (with some help from me or some other developer) could write your own rendering function to get the cloud to display in that way.



    Achieved the first look with CSS.

    I’m sure you’ve got a million things to do with this plugin alone, but I do think that adding the hooks would be great to empower those who know a bit of CSS to really allow us to fully manipulate the plugin to our needs.

    Again, this is an amazing plugin as is. Maybe something to shoot for down the road?


    I’ve added it as a feature request and will try to get to that in version 2.4

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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