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  • I am building a website and need some advice!

    I am hoping to integrate some sort of order tracking facility on my website for users who are looking to sell their products. I can see there are plugins for websites selling products but I have been unable to find anything that would fit the buying side of things as opposed to order tracking for selling products!

    At the moment I have a form for users to complete and which will provide details of the items they wish to sell.

    Once the user completes the form and submits it I would like the user to be able to track the progress and follow the steps of the order such as:-

    1.Form completed
    2. Reviewing
    3. Offer
    4. Offer Accepted/Declined
    5. Items Collected/despatched
    6. Items Received
    7. Verfication
    8. Payment Made

    At the moment I have so far found a form which I have designed for the user to complete ‘fast secure contact form’ which includes an ‘upload facility’ which is essential but I am wondering if there is anything out there which would take care of all the requirements such as a form with upload facility as well as a feature to track the order. Any help would be appreciated.


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