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  • The order status for my WooCommerce settings are showing as Processing on the admin side. I purchased the plugin for this Order Status Control. However, on the customer end, the orders still show Pending. I have gone through troubleshooting – everything looks good on the status page. All my IPN settings are correct for PayPal. Any suggestions? Need more info? Thanks in advance!

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  • I also have the same problem, my client just purchased that extension awhile ago here: If that dont work, then we might better tell woothemes that they should not promote this extension in their websites.

    I thought it was a good website cause they put it in their site, but I just noticed lately in the tooltip when I hover that extension in the website this “This is unofficial WooCommerce extension and you will be taken to a third party website to download/purchase it”. So since, they are just third party extension provide, maybe the woothemes has no liability if it works or not.

    Maybe we can also email woothemes, or shout out our experience in woothemes forum.

    @threedogpixels, its been 6 days ago after you posted your comment. With any luck with debugging and troubleshooting, does the extension work now? If yes, what did you do to make it work?

    You can contact me via email: Im also online always in skype: mjonellepeter

    Hey threedogpixels, very sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with our plugin. If it’s still not working correctly for you please submit a contact form request on our website so we can open a ticket and get this resolved. I’ll post back here with whatever the issue was, for anyone else for future reference.

    JP Munoz: thanks for alerting us to this thread, hadn’t realized it even existed.

    @skyverge, I just email you awhile ago about the summary of my problem. You can check your email:

    Im looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you can fix this extension problem as soon as you can, as this would determine our next action in our eCommerce website.

    Jp Munoz

    For the benefit of others encountering this problem, or the curious, the issue with Jp Munoz’s setup seems to be that the PayPal IPN that securely marks an order as “paid” is either not being received, or is being rejected by the server, and without which our Order Status Control plugin is unable to mark an un-paid order as “complete”. I’ve written up a more in-depth explanation of the PayPal issue in the FAQ section of the Order Status Control plugin page which can be found here:

    And WooThemes themselves has an extensive article on using PayPal and debugging IPN issues found here:

    As always we stand behind and offer full support for our plugins, the fastest and best way to receive support for a plugin we sell directly is to submit a contact request on our site:

    The fastest best way to receive support for a plugin we offer through the WooThemes store is to go to

    Furthermore if ever a plugin we sell directly doesn’t function as expected we happily offer a no-questions-asked 30 day full money back guarantee, and always do our best to fix any reported bugs and consider feature requests for future releases.

    I have other suggestions. If you cannot change the un-paid order as complete, my suggestion is to change some codes in the plugin, so that when the status is “Pending” your plugin will automatically changed it to”Completed”.

    After I send payment via paypal, the default status order is”Pending”, not “Un-Paid”. When I pay via paypal, the order becomes Pending, it means it was paid.

    I understand php, and I know that you can simply changed the status “pending” into “completed”. Can you please do this?

    Coz if you cannot do this simple edits in your plugin, then I assume that there is really some bug in it.

    Jp Munoz

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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