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  • I am having an issue with how the status of orders is showing up for purchased products. I have woo commerce 2.0.13 and feature only simple products and simple subscriptions on my website (i.e. NO virtual or downloadable products). The only payment gateway currently installed is PayPal.

    As far as I understand, the typical purchase order work flow is: customer makes an order (and payment is received), the order status should be “processing” until I manually change the order status to “completed”.

    In my situation, customer makes a successful purchase and they get a notification from PayPal (that the payment has been completed) but then the order shows up as “completed” in my woo commerce orders panel. The order NEVER even appears as “processing”! Again, this is a problem because I sell physical products, and a paid order does not equal a completed (i.e. shipped) order.

    I have tried to find previous threads where others have had a similar issue, but with no luck (I have only seen the opposite problem, that people want the order status to automatically show up as “completed”).

    Could it be that the IPN from PayPal tells woo commerce that once payment is completed that the order is “completed” instead of “processing”? And this is why the “processing” status is bypassed?

    Has anyone else had this issue? And found a solution??

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  • I’m getting the same problem myself. Couldn’t tell you when this behavior was introduced as this is my first woocommerce site and I’m only just looking at the order system. Going to trawl through the code and see what’s going on.

    Okay mate,

    The problem for me was my payment gateway plugin. When the payment was successful it was updating the order status to completed, when it should really have been updating status to processing. Possibly it should be doing nothing at all in that regard.

    Not sure about your paypal problem. I suggest trawling through the code for instances of the update_status function which is part of the order class. See where it’s updating to completed when maybe it shouldn’t be.

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