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    Hi there, when you give a partial or full refund on an order it still shows up in the vendor dashboard as ‘due’, surely this is a bug? as vendors are asking me for payment now and I am trying to explain it was a refund…


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    is there not a way to show in the vendor dashboard that the order was refunded??

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    Hello @alexd123 ,

    Vendors would be the one that would request for the refund for the orders once their customer had reached out to them , you can check out how this can be done from the Pro dashboard as seen here – https://docs.wcvendors.com/knowledge-base/refund-requests/

    May I ask how were your customers requesting for a refund and how are you approving the refund? Is it the same as shown in the above article?

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    Hi @alexd123

    When an order is refunded, the commission should be reversed. If this is not happening then something is stopping our action from firing during the order refund process.

    We currently do not have a refunded status in our commission system. We are currently planning a massive update which will include a more robust commission system that will be able to track refunds.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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