• We use this system for more than one year, an It’s work very well, but from some days don’t allow to program an order before We are open. We only work for dinner (18:00 to 24:00), until very recently The customers could browse through the menu and place their order for example for 7:00 pm even when it was 10:00 am. Now when a customer try to place an order It can’t do it, because the system show a message that say “We are Close now”

    How can I do to solve this issue?

    I’ll be very greatfull if you send to my a solution


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    So you are telling the customers can’t place the order even if the store is open right? Could you please confirm whether your timezone settings are set up properly?


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    Recently We bought the “Store and Service Hours” Complement to “Food Store – Online Food Delivery & Pickup”, We configurated but don’t allow to Pre Order if the Shop is clouse, our Oen Time is: 12:00 – 15:00 and 18:00 to 23:00 if a customer try to make a Pre Order at 11:00 am the system show the follow message: Sorry, We are Closed”

    My time zone is properly configurated, this issue is recently, because otwo months ago it’s work perfectly

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