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    My entire site navigation is based on categories. In some categories, I want to assign each post a numerical value and order posts numerically on the various category pages.

    Here’s the site:

    The menu item “Titles” is a good one to look at. Notice the subcategories. Each title in our catalogue is on a specific imprint, such as “Body Language” or “Fabula Rasa,” and has a number indicating its place in the series, like “Body Language 10” or “Fabula Rasa 04.”

    I’d like the posts about the titles to display in descending order of publication according to those numbers. Note that, if you select “Titles,” all titles across all imprints display, so I need some elegant way of handling that as well. I’m thinking I can manually insert a post number into a custom field and each imprint, so Body Language is the 100s and Fabula Rasa is the 200s, etc. Or something like that. So the numeric numbering will work regardless of whether a visitor selects the Titles category or a subcategory.

    If there is a totally different way of doing this, like a gallery of some sort, that would better suit this type of content, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Moderator keesiemeijer



    I think custom fields is the way to go. Do the publish dates and the new custom field numbers (in the same category) correlate? Is the Pub Date also a custom field (e.g. Pub Date: 1 December 2008)?

    You can query (order) by date if the custom field is in the format YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2008-12-01). Maybe add a custom field in this format instead of a number.

    Don’t know yet what to do for the parent category.

    Thanks! Yes, it occurred to me right after I posted this, if I just edit the post publication date to match the book publication date, we’ll be fine. And indeed, it works like a charm. In the parent category as well as the children, because I always want them to be listed in that order. So…this topic is RESOLVED.

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