Order Plugins Alphabetically vs. By Filename (12 posts)

  1. I personally think ordering the plugins by name rather than directory -> filename is a lot better, but others don't seem to think so according to the comments on the ticket & then poorly written code I submitted.

    So, just for curiosity's sake, am I really outta the norm here or do you guys like alphabetical like me?

    *goes to work on a plugin to do this*

  2. Yes, alphabetically by name would make more sense to me, especially when there are a lot of them. It's not unusual for me to stare at the screen unable to see the plugin I'm trying to activate or deactivate because my brain isn't expecting it to be all the way up (or down) there...

  3. Exactly. I mean, I easily have over 50 plugins on that page and I have to remember their filenames in order to find them on the list. :(

  4. vkaryl
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Nice option, though I personally have the sort of mind that remembers what stuff like that is really named (forever too.... I still remember the phone number where I grew up - nearly 50 years ago....)

    I don't see why a plugin to do that alpha sort wouldn't be a nice addition though!

  5. Ugh! Writing this plugin is turning out to be a serious bitch. I think the only way to do it without modifying core files is to do a add_action('init', 'function'); and then have the function be an entire replacement for the plugins page and then finally exit(); before the real one can run.

    As I said, ugh.

  6. chanzero
    Posted 9 years ago #

    could you possibly make folders for each plugin and name them accordingly?

  7. Yeah, but that's a pain, plus it sorts it with captials letters first and you can't change them to lowercase without breaking the plugin.

    I think I have a possible idea on how to do it, we'll see.

  8. Tada! Ended up actually not needing to rewrite any core functions (just modified out outputted array) and then cloned and slightly modified plugins.php.

    You can try out the beta here if you want: http://files.viper007bond.com/temp/alphabetical_plugins_v1.00_BETA.zip

  9. Works for me - thanks :-)

  10. Dgold
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'll have to try that. I never understood why the plugins were in a strange order, until this thread.

  11. Awesome, thanks LesBessant. :)

    Oh, and BTW, you should probably download the latest version of my plugins used plugin. There's a few bug fixes that I made. ;)

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