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  • Uff, after dealing with that problem
    Unfortunately it has been cancelled and refunded.
    where i had tu refund about 6 orders from my pocket cause Paypal takes fees from me when he returns money 🙁
    Now i had this problem i was testing again in sandbox and orders are on hold efter every payment, I sell virtual products so i want that buyer gets his product atfter payment not that he needs to wait for me to release it

    What i need to do so this plugins acts like before after payment it marks order as complete?

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  • Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Once again, if the order is getting set to On Hold it’s because it’s being held for payment review.

    That seems to be what’s happening with your sandbox transactions, too, which is a little odd.

    Is your live PayPal account giving you any details about why they are holding these payments for review?

    As for IPN, based on the log you posted it looks like it’s receiving the IPN data, but then you’re saying it’s not updating in your WP admin panel..??

    I know it’s weird for me also and i have no idea about this, all i knew is that I’ve changed alot of plugins to avoid this IPN listener just cause i had this problem before and nothing resolved it only this plugin.

    I can’t tell you why it’s marked as hold on sandbox cause i see only this
    I had order today before i started testing with this and it all went good it’s completed, but im affraid if you say
    “working” is a relative term, I guess.

    Cause im going on vacations for 3 weeks with limited internet and i just wanna make this right and now i don’t know what to do. 🙁

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    You can login to the sandbox account at and see the transaction just like you would in your live account.

    Oh, i was in developer mode

    Ok so this is new testing now:
    URL is put in paypal as i showed before so that’s fine, i have only active PayPal Express Checkout and IPN plugin

    I’ve enabled sandbox mode in PayPal Express Checkout
    This is what i get in details on account that i use in sandbox buyer account
    This is what i get in developer sandbox where i see account that receive money money is sent and payment is completed
    when i click on Transaction 01A579511A711293K under PayPal Payment Review
    i see only this
    And on my site order is on hold

    IPN log have nothing in logs for this transaction and express checkout log have this

    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:47 - Start Pay Action
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:48 - ...Order ID: 21349
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:48 - ...Order Total: 15.00
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:48 - ...Cart Total: <span class="woocommerce-Price-amount amount"><span class="woocommerce-Price-currencySymbol">$</span>15.00</span>
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:48 - ...Token:EC-5CJ14189CK558312X
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Test Mode: yes
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Endpoint:
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Request: Array
        [USER] => *****
        [PWD] => *****
        [VERSION] => 124.0
        [BUTTONSOURCE] => AngellEYE_SP_WooCommerce
        [SIGNATURE] => *****
        [METHOD] => DoExpressCheckoutPayment
        [TOKEN] => EC-5CJ14189CK558312X
        [PAYMENTREQUEST_0_AMT] => 15.00
        [PAYMENTREQUEST_0_INVNUM] => 21349
        [PAYMENTREQUEST_0_ITEMAMT] => 15.00
        [L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NAME0] => Championship Kalista Stream overlay
        [L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_AMT0] => 15
        [L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NUMBER0] => 05a440f09502
        [L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_QTY0] => 1
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Response: Array
        [TOKEN] => EC-5CJ14189CK558312X
        [TIMESTAMP] => 2016-06-23T16:44:49Z
        [CORRELATIONID] => 13b673618552f
        [ACK] => Success
        [VERSION] => 124.0
        [BUILD] => 23135465
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_TRANSACTIONID] => 01A579511A711293K
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_PAYMENTTYPE] => instant
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_ORDERTIME] => 2016-06-23T16:44:48Z
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_AMT] => 15.00
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_FEEAMT] => 0.74
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_TAXAMT] => 0.00
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_PENDINGREASON] => paymentreview
        [PAYMENTINFO_0_ACK] => Success
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Transaction 01A579511A711293K is OK. Setting: disabled, Response: Ineligible
    06-23-2016 @ 18:44:49 - Payment confirmed with PayPal successfully

    So what im doing wrong do i need to use something else then express checkout or i need to uncheck something there or… dunno im totally lost here

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Your seller account details looks like you’re just looking at the Notifications section within the developer account. Are you actually logging in to that account through It should exactly like a regular PayPal account.

    It is within that account, too, that you would have to setup IPN in order for those to be triggered when you do a test order against that account.

    Where I enter IPN in sandbox account?

    Are you actually logging in to that account through It should exactly like a regular PayPal account.

    seller account details i can see only in developer mode cause only there i can see notifications and test account i can enter normal paypal account test mode

    I have no idea how I can see seller account as normal regular account?

    When i login in with username and password of sandbox account i enter only buyer area not seller

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    I’m confused. I think you’re making this harder on yourself than you need to, or I’m not explaining it very well or something.

    In that screenshot you just sent of the PayPal account profile, is that from your sandbox seller account? If so, go to My settings instead of My selling tools and you should see Instant Payment Notification in there. That’s where you would set it up for the sandbox seller account, which is exactly the same way you’d set it up for your live account.

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