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    I have sticky article on the top of the first page.

    I decided to have second one but, this one appears on the top before the first one, and I would like to keep the order from the oldest and not from the newest

    How to solve that ?

    Thank you in advance


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  • What Plugin are you using for the sticky technology and what version of that Plugin?

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    I am using Adhesive V.2.1beta.

    thanks in advance


    As you said, Sticky posts using Adhesive display with the newest sticky first. If you don’t like the order, guess you could change the code in adhesive.php. But if you’re not going to be changing those sticky post too often, just copy the text from the oldest post (which you now want on the top of your blog) then create a new sticky post and paste and save the text. Once it’s the order you want delete that oldest one.

    That’s the brute force way 😉

    You could always change the posting date to reflect the order you want of the sticky ones.. I ended up having to do that.

    thanks all

    indeed, I changed the date (not very important) and I got it to work.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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