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  • – I’d like “Welcome- About the Garden” to be the actual homepage (when you click on home, you just get redirected to the start page)

    How can I move the start page “About – welcome” etc all the way to the left and eliminate the redirect when one clicks on ‘home’?

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  • What version of WP are you using? In the newer ones you can choose your page order.

    2.2.1, where do I choose this order?

    If you edit the header for the template you’re using, you’ll see that the format for adding a link is pretty easy to follow. Just add in the link there.
    Sorry if this doesn’t answer your question.

    When you manage or create a page, there is a “Page Order” menu on the right
    You might have to click the + to expand it.

    In your case,
    Pages with lower lumbers will be on the left.
    Pages with higher numbers would be on the right.

    That worked, but as you can now see –

    ‘Home’ is still to the left of “welcome- about the garden’ despite the fact that they are the same thing. how can i just eliminate the page that says home or something? do i have to use a negative number in the page order field?

    There might be a plugin that will let you choose which pages you want displayed – or you can look at the pages documentation for WP to figure out how to rename the code to display all but the “home”. Or, I think you can set WP 2+ to use a static front page – not sure how that would work, but might be worth playing with?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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