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  • The order in which divisions are performed in JF is not correct.
    If you set up 3 elements A,B and C an an output element with the result A/B/C is not correct .
    If A=10 B=2 C=2 the result is 10 while it should be 2.5
    It seems to be evaluated as it were A/(B/C) that is not correct in mathematics.
    This could be quite confusing and misleading.
    I didn’t verify if other precedence of operators’ evaluation is incorrect.
    I hope this bug is fixed in the next release. For the time being the workaround is to use parenthesis. That is in the given example to put in the output element: (A/B)/C

    This plug-in seems very interesting and powerful but it is still too much at an early stage. It needs more flexibility in form design and, very, very urgent! the possiblity to copy elements and forms and exporting them in order to move a form from the development enviroment to the production one. According to what I understand currently there is no possibility or workaround to copy from developement site to production site the form other than to create it again from green field!

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