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    Hi Sybre. In my posts, I mostly use h1-h4 tags (usually up to h3 except in some list posts where I go up to h4). I have my related posts as h3 and the title of my comments box as h5. Would you recommend to change the title of the related posts to h4? Or should I keep them as h3?

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  • Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    “Our systems aren’t too picky and we’ll try to work with the HTML as we find it — be it one H1 heading, multiple H1 headings or just styled pieces of text without semantic HTML at all”

    For Google, it does not really matter that much, at least when it comes to SEO. Just try to make your structure look natural. Essentially trying to make some element looking more important by make it lover HX number is just going to hurt your accessibility.

    I was asking both in terms of SEO and Accessibility. So you recommend I leave the title of the related posts at h3? My comments title was also an h3 before I moved it to h5.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    You should make it whatever is most accessible and whatever works best for your content. Google doesn’t seem care, and may change its mind about it at any time, but may also change its mind back later.

    In other words: Don’t focus on plausible ranking spurts; it’s an endless war. Focus on what’s best for your visitors, instead; which lowers the bounce rate (effectively improving ranking), and is more consistent and sustainable.

    Here’s an example of semantic headings:

    - H1/span Site title
    - H1 (main section title, which is the page title)
      - H2 (subheading after introduction)
      - H2 (subheading)
         - H3 (sub-subheading)
            - etc.
         - H3 (sub-subheading)
      - H2 (subheading, conclusion)
    - H1~5 (comment section title)
      - H2~6 (comment section subtitle)
        - etc.

    Okay, thank you. I think I get it now.

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