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  • Is it possible in version 3.2.1. to change the order in which the categories appear. I note that there is an add in but it states that it is compatible with earlier versions of WP.


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  • Do you mean in the menu structure? Please clarify and provide a site link. Also see this on Categories

    Read the Categories – could not see the information I wanted there. Look at Categories shown in right hand column are Novice and Excellent. (There are other Categories not shown because they are empty. I want to be able to sort the Categories in an orde of my choosing i.e. Not alphabetical or numerical but based upon the level of ascending competition.


    You can use Custom Menus if your theme supports them to achieve this.

    In the right sidebar upper of one of my blogs, I did this and also use custom CSS for them. The lower part of the right sidebar is just text widget(s).

    based on competition?

    how about to sort by number of articles (count)

    Sorry, I was not clear on the Categories I try to use. The blog is for an organisation which holds competition for dogs, There are a number of levels of competition going from easy, harder, harder still, even more difficult etc.(Not the actual terms used). I want the categories to be listed in that order and not alphabetical.


    If you use a custom menu you can put them in any order you want… including sub-categories..

    I have the menu in the order that I want but the categories are not shown in that order.




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    You are not using a custom menu. That’s just the basic Categories widget and you can’t apply a custom order via that widget.

    Back to the drawing board


    I am confused. F

    rom the Dashboard – menus – it states”=

    To create a custom menu, give it a name above and click Create Menu. Then choose items like pages, categories or custom links from the left column to add to this menu.

    After you have added your items, drag and drop to put them in the order you want. You can also click each item to reveal additional configuration options.

    When you have finished building your custom menu, make sure you click the Save Menu button.

    This is what I did – so why is this not a custom menu?


    Your theme now has options of where and how to add the menu on your site….review that…you’re doing well, read and re-read and you shall be there!

    I am happy with the menu structure that I have (at least for the moment). However, I would like the categories to be in the same order as the menu structure. Is this possible√Č


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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