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  • Order numbers are sometimes out of sequence when created. Example sequence:


    Please assist.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @blubor,

    Thanks for letting us know you’re experiencing some issues with the plugin. Would you please be able to copy/paste your system status so I can get a better idea of what might be going on? You can grab it by going to:

    WooCommerce > Status and clicking on Get system report.

    Thanks so much,

    Julie 🙂


    I been noticing the same behavior on our system, i went through several plugin deactivation to track down the issue. As it is now, order numbers seems to be back to sequence, however, from time to time it goes back to numbers that were missed during the time of non sequence, then catches up to the latest sequence.

    On my end, it seems to be the new woocommerce admin plugin that it’s having this issue with, i disabled the woocommerce admin plugin and order numbers are back to sequence, if i enable it, it seems to skip a number, for instance 2020, 2022, 2024.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hi @picovish,

    Thanks for the additional comments! We have seen a compatibility issue with our Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin and WooCommerce Admin that may be the same cause here too.

    To confirm, when you saw the order numbers go out of sync, was this on the WooCommerce > Orders page, or through the sidebar orders interface included with WooCommerce Admin?


    Thanks for your response, the out of sync order number is visible on WooCommerce > Orders page as well as in email received for orders.

    Just to follow up on this issue, disabling the WooCommerce Admin plugin fixed this issue for us. I realize this is only a workaround, and since the WooCommerce Admin plugin is advertised on new installs of WooCommerce, this will likely affect many more users of the WooCommerce Sequential Order Number plugin. However, the WooCommerce Admin plugin didn’t provide functionality that we didn’t already have, so disabling it until full compatibility between the two plugins exists was our best option.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @blubor and @picovish,

    Thanks so much for the extra information! I’d love to run some tests locally to try and replicate this.

    Would it be possible to let me know what version of WooCommerce Admin you had installed in case that makes a difference during testing? Also, to confirm, it sounds like this doesn’t happen for every order that is created, only sometimes, is that right?

    Thanks for your patience while we dig into this further!


    WooCommerce Admin Version: 0.18.0
    This issue is intermittent.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Thanks @blubor!

    I’m afraid I’ve not been able to replicate the issue so far to dig in further. After a good chunk of deals on my local test system with different gateways, and products, each order was correctly in sync from the WooCommerce > Orders page.

    I do see the discrepancy on the WooCommerce Admin sidebar though, so I’ll pass this along to our development team to look into. So thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    In order to investigate further, it would be great if I could have a look at your site and these problematic orders in particular. After deactivating WooCommerce Admin, were the order numbers back in sync again, or are the previous orders still out of sync?

    If you’d like to help us troubleshoot this further, please could you raise a support request via our support form? We can then look into providing admin credentials for us to take a closer look.

    I look forward to your reply so we can progress this for you! Do you have any other questions in the meantime?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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