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    A new order was created but no order information was pushed to Mailchimp when I checked on the members e-comm tab. But my old orders that I did 1 month ago is fine.

    Thus causing my triggers to be unable to fire when a purchase was created.

    Am I doing something wrong in my settings in WooCommerce?

    Or is it a Mailchimp thing?

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  • Plugin Support khungate


    Hi @mygreenfootprint, thanks for reaching out and we’re sorry you’re having that issue. If an email is not pushing over at checkout, does the customer show as subscribed at checkout? Also, it’s possible the Mailchimp API rejected the address for various reasons; do you see any error logs around that particular customer?

    You can see if they were a subscriber by going to the order and confirming that the mailchimp_woocommerce_is_subscribed is equal to 1. You’ll see this in the Custom Fields (usually below the order details).

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Hi Khungate,
    thank you for your reply. I have doubled checked the subscribe status on an order that has not synced with Mailchimp. The Mailchimp Subscribe shows as 1.

    I have included a copy of the error log below.

    {“type”:””,”title”:”Customer Was Not Saved”,”status”:400,”detail”:”Customer could not be imported to the list associated with this store.”,”instance”:”24365006-33f2-467e-8227-89c3a1ed35a4″}

    Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @mygreenfootprint This error happens for 1 of two reasons typically.

    1. The email in question has been throttled by Mailchimp because of spam activity, signing up to too many lists within a time period.

    2. When you have a list that has required merge tags that are not being passed over correctly.

    If number 2 is your problem, you’ll need to either disable the required tags on the list, or you’ll have to use a custom function with the plugin to make sure those values are passed through to the API during submissions.

    function custom_mailchimp_function_by_you($merge_vars, $user) {
        // add in your merge tags here and return the array.
        return $merge_vars;
    add_filter('mailchimp_sync_user_mergetags', 'custom_mailchimp_function_by_you', 100, 2);


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    Hi Ryanhungate,
    I don’t think it is the first as the orders where for test emails I had created. So I guess that leaves #2.

    In respect of merge tages are you meaning merge tags in Mailchimp itself? I have merge tags in mailchimp to include customers first name on the order notification. But I don’t have merge tags for customers to be included on my list (I only have one list) and the orders are not coming across from woocommerce to Mailchimp at all.

    Does this make sense?

    Sorry I also meant to ask, where is the custom function inserted?

    Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @mygreenfootprint If you’re needing to alter the submission in your plugin, that custom function can be inserted in your theme’s functions.php file. Are you comfortable adding PHP code and altering to your needs? If not please consult with a developer to help you accomplish your requirements.

    The root of the error is unfortunately very difficult for us diagnose remotely. Since we don’t have access to the servers that are running our plugin, our best attempt to show what went wrong was in the logger as you’ve pointed out above.

    The error message you’re seeing can be triggered a few different ways, but one of the most common ones is when an email address has been banned ( which you said was not the issue ) and also when for example a “first name” and “last name” are “REQUIRED” on the list, but you’re not passing it through the submission. It could be any number of problems at the Audience merge fields level that the plugin would not be able to detect without some developer interaction.

    I would also suggest reaching out directly to Mailchimp’s customer support team and tell them to turn on debugging for your account while you do a few tests to see if they can spot the problem a little quicker for you.

    If you get responses from them and still feel that the plugin is the cause of this conflict, feel free to reach out to us again and we’ll open this back up for you.

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