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  • Pedro


    Hello all,

    I’m opening up a new thread as this is a real issue that quite a lot of users are facing. One of the previous threads has been closed for being hijacked, so here’s a brand new one to address one specific issue. Here’s the complete list of details:

    – woocommerce plugins 1.6.6 and 2.0 beta 2
    – WordPress 3.5 & 3.5.1
    – WP-Mail-SMTP plugin configured with a google apps e-mail
    – all WP notification e-mails are sent without any issues (new users, password reset etc.)
    – stock notification e-mails are being sent without any issues
    none of the orders related e-mails is sent out (new order, order finalized, order processing, invoice etc.)

    I tried:
    – setting up the same e-mail address everywhere (woocommerce, WP-Mail-SMTP, Settings->General)
    – changing 2 hosts
    – removing images from the e-mail templates as I understood this might be an issue

    I couldn’t find anything in the logs and I really don’t know how to debug this annoying issue. Imagine that you need to call each and every customer to confirm their orders.

    Any help from anyone would be much appreciated!

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  • Interested to in an answer to this question, I hope we’ll get one 🙂

    I am facing same problem!
    wp-mail-stmp plugin sending email, i tested by creating new user. but its not sending email with woocommerce 2.0. before update emails working fine for us.

    Roy Ho


    This could mean your template files are not 2.0…Try copying over all 2.0 templates to your theme for testing. They could still be using 1.6.6 templates if you’re using a theme that has not been updated to be 2.0 compatible. Backup everything before you test this.

    I am not using overrided email template files from theme. i renamed those for testing purpose. i tested for both original template filese and overrided.but its still not working.

    i am not sure where is problem.



    @naeem – I’m still using 2.0 beta2, haven’t upgraded yet to 2.02 but I will do it soon. – I tested this functionality on a test site that only had a clean WP 3.5.1 install, the twenty twelve theme and WooCommerce 2.0beta2. Still no order related e-mails being sent. The only ones sent are stock notifications (besides standard WP e-mails like new users, password reset etc.).

    What I forgot to mention is that I don’t use PayPal as a payment method, but just COD (Cash On Delivery) and Bank Transfer. I think this issue doesn’t appear for those who use PayPal or other payment gateways.


    I have tested a new installation at email for new order etc all are working. no problem found. but with update from 1.6 to 2.0 its not working.

    i think its problem with update 2.0. but i am not sure.

    I too had this very same problem before the upgrade and tried many of the tips others had posted here on the same issue. Then one day on a completely unrelated matter i asked my host to reset my website and miraculously the problem was resolved.



    I confirm that on a totally new install (2.0.6) the e-mail sending is working fine. However on updating from 1.6.x to 2.0.x this issue remains.

    So the only solution in this case is to make a new install, migrate somehow the entire content (it wasn’t easy in my case) and then start over again on 2.0.x. Hope that helps someone else to fix their problems.

    I’m having this issue too. My client isn’t happy.

    I updated my Woocommerce plugin to the latest version the other day and it seems to have started after that.

    If I add an order note it sends fine and occasional it will with one recipient, but if I put in two comma separated, no joy!

    I’m using the consecutive order number pro plug in, wondered if that may be causing problems!


    I’m having the same problem. New install of Woocommerce and no emails are ever sent, not when I was using the Sandbox version for my payment gateway or not now that the site is live.

    Hi Amprescott

    This cured my problem instantly…

    Good luck.

    Thanks, Midlifecyclist! It works!!

    Hi, im having a big problem with my wordpress websites.

    Last night i was working on its a woocommerce website, the problem was woocommerce/wordpress doesnt send any email for register new user, new order etc. i have tried everything i know, change the email address, setup smtp email plugin etc. its not working. The funny thing is, if add a new user myself from wp-admin i receive email notification from but i didnt write this email anywhere.

    And this morning i tried my other wordpress websites on same hosting, as lost mypassword on wp-login page, and they all dont work. So my all wordpress websites do not send email for reset password/new user/new order.

    i have called godady and they have upload an sendmail.php file to my hosting, i tried to send email via this file and it works. So they are saying that the problem is not with hosting, cause we use same php file with wordpress and it sends email. they says that you need to contact with wordpress??

    Any idea about this problem, or any idea how to contact to wordpress?



    i am facing the same problem after i updated to the latest woocommerce, which i never receive any email notification and member registration email also not receive, any idea?

    This is a serious problem with Woo Commerce and seems to have been continuing forever! When are they going to fix it? Customers need feedback! I have struggled with this for days now and cannot send the site live before I can fix it, I don’t want to lose customers. Anyone out there go any ideas at all?

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