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    I am setting up the plugin on a site. I can pay for the basket items and this redirects to Worldpay and the payment is accepted. It returns to the shop site and produces the confirmation of the order. However the order still shows as payment pending. I have checked the plugins and disabled everything that I can and retried with no success. When I try to the go to the site in the callback error email ( I get a blank page with a -1 in the top left. I do realise that this is likely to be an access issue, but how else can I check that the endpoint is available to the plugin?

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  • Can anyone clarify if this plugin is supposed to update the order from Payment Pending once the worldpay payment is completed and redirected to the site? I order the items and got through the checkout process. Pay at the redirected worldpay site and am redirected to the order received screen. In woocommerce the order still shows as payment pending. Is this what is expected?

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    It should, your order is not getting updated because the data from worldpay doesn’t reach your website, there it’s a problem on your part of the website, something is blogin the url. maybe you got some kind of security plugin.
    Another problem could be that the payment response password doesn’t match, meaning what you added on worldpay is different than the one you added on your admin.

    I’m using this plugin on a site which went live last weekend. There have been a few orders but none of them have updated the status. I found a thread which suggested what to put in the callback URL but I’m not sure it’s correct.

    http://<wpdisplay item=”MC_callback”>

    I can’t find any documentation to say what should go in there. Could that be the problem? If so, what’s the URL I should be entering?

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    Please read the documentation again and set everything up as you find there.
    You can clearly see under “Worldpay Settings” what you need to add in what field.
    After you finish with that you also have to copy the settings from the test mode to production.

    my client has been having similar issues recently, with payments going through to Worldpay but orders not showing as complete on the backend. Possibly a recent update to woocommerce or WordPress I guess.

    @happykipper please post any solutions here if you find one. I will look into it as well.


    Has anyone made any progress with this? Last response was over 4 months ago so I would assume you’ve either found a fix or switched to an alternative solution?


    After a chat with WorldPay today we think the problem is “SNI on the SSL certificate.” WorldPay want SNI disabled but my host wouldn’t do this on a shared packaged.

    Asking one of my other hosting providers about migrating the site to them instead and whether SNI will be an issue with them.

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