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    Will I be able to get all the info details in a csv or spreadsheet? This is crucial.
    I found nothing as to the plugin provides this or Paypal.

    I found this supposedly from Paypal:
    You can download your transaction history into Quicken, QuickBooks, or
    into a spreadsheet application. From the ‘History’ page, you can
    download your account’s History log:
    1. Click “Download History,” which appears in the “More” drop-down
    2. Choose the date range of transactions you’d like to download and
    select the file type you want to save your History as.
    3. Click “Download History.”

    Thank you,


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  • Plugin Author Mike Castro Demaria


    The paymanet is made by paypal, i’m pretty sure ther is a CSV or TXT export available on you transaction.

    Otherwise us a full e-shoping solution to be able to export datas from your WP. WUSPSC is simply an “order to paypal” plugin. No accout management, no datamanagement, etc. .


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